Which Torch is Right For Me?


With the amount of choice available, trying to choose the right Led Lenser Torch/Head torch can be an overwhelming experience. That's why we've put together a guide for when the technical talk gets too much. Just select the type of torch you're looking for and find the series best for your profession, hobby or job around the house.


When buying a Torch or Head torch, you must first decide on exactly what you will be using it for. Will It be for everyday use? For work use? Something tactical? Professional? We can tell you exactly what torches/head torches are best for each situation. 



For Everyday Use: The P Series

The legendary P Series torches are famous for their reliability and durability, our best seller: P7R is a perfect example. These superbly engineered torches have flawless state-of-the-art technology, including our patented Advanced Focus System (See our FAQ for more details on our AFS). With sizes to suit any job, there’s no wonder why this series has been called the best in the business by professionals worldwide.


For a Backup Pocket Torch: The K Series, The V Series

Weighing just a few grams, these series’ are as compact and lightweight as it gets. Stick it on your keychain and make late night tasks like finding your car keyhole easier. 


For Tactical Torches: The T Series, The F Series, The X Series

A favourite amongst police forces, emergency services and military units, these are robust torches designed for tactical use. From long-distance illuminators to glass breakers this range has everything to keep you illuminated in the most crucial work situations.


For Professional Torches: The M (Multifunctional) Series

Affordable and powerful. The M Series of torches are adaptable to your everyday around the house and work tasks, but still pack some serious power. With the M Series you can opt for a simpler torch or a higher spec model and still be well within your budget.


For the Light Traveller: The L Series

The L Series has been built to feature the same strength, power and resilience of all other series’ in a body that won’t weigh you down. Save space in your backpack and keep your pack weight down. Perfectly suited to cavers, climbers, hikers and other outdoor activities. 


For the Divers: D Series

Created specifically for divers. The Frogman LED dive torches from the D series produce a beam previously thought impossible to achieve underwater, fit with an IPX rating of 8 (Protected against continual submersion in water up to 60m/7 bar) So reliable, it's even endorsed by the conservation workers of our recommended charity.


Head Torches

The Led Lenser H series

An exceptionally bright light in any situation. The H Series excels whether you work in dark locations or you're just looking for the Christmas decorations in the attic. There's a head torch in the Led Lenser H series for any situation.


The Led Lenser SEO Series

The combination of incredible lighting performance with award-winning design. Comfortable and lightweight, few head torches offer more illumination and support for night running than the Led Lenser SEO series. All SEO models come with an integrated white LED and a red safety light.


The Led Lenser NEO Headlamp Series

Safe, functional and fun. Beautifully and aerodynamically designed across 5 neon colours, but still featuring some technical advances like the wider-angle of illumination and the multi-function Smart Light Technology. A surprise package from the Led Lenser NEO Headlamp Series.


The Led Lenser XEO Series

The most powerful torch in our range. The Led Lenser XEO series excels in demanding after dark sports. These head torches can deliver a massive 2000 lumens of light up to 300 meters. There's no need to quit and head home after dark with the XEO head torch keeping things light.


Which Torch/Head Torch is the Brightest?

- The brightest torch is the X21R.2 coming in at a massive 3000 Lumens. Followed by X21.2 at 1600 Lumens, and then the P7R at 1000 Lumens.
- The brightest head torches are the XEO Series – all featuring a 2000 Lumen count.

Which Torch/Head Torch has the Furthest Beam Distance?

- The Torch with the longest beam distance Is the X21R.2 at 700m. 
- The head torches with the longest beam distance are the H14R.2 and the XEO Series of head torches, both at 300m.

Which Torch/Head Torch has the Longest Burn Time?

- The T7.2 is the torch with the longest burn time with 50 hours.
- For head torches, the NEO LED Head torches come in at 100 hours burn time.