Gerber Series

Armbar - More Than Just a Knife



The Gerber Armbar maximises the pocket knife with a smart multi-tool inspired design.  Fitting comfortably in your pocket, each tool has a build quality you expect from Gerber and comes with their standard 25 year warranty.


Available in the Drive and Cork models to suit your needs with up to 9 tools.


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Gerber Armbar Drive

Gerber Armbar Cork

Bear Grylls - The Ultimate Survival Range



Everything you need to survive the wild can be found in the Gerber Bear Grylls range.


Designed by Bear Grylls who has many years’ experience in the army and exploring the unknown, each knife, survival kit and multi tool has everything you’ll need no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Center-Drive - Full Size Tools



The revolutionary design of the Gerber Center Drive includes a centre axis driver so you don’t compromise on performance or ease of use.


This is the multi tool with full size tools that get the job done. The new center drive plus is updated with a 30% longer blade and one-thumb opening pliers.



12 tools built for fishing. The Gerber Fishing range gives you the strength and control you need when you’re waist deep in a rushing current.


Built to be compact and easy to carry each tool is designed for a specific purpose. From the four function gutsy to a filleting knife and shears you will find innovative tools built to last.

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Gator - Built For Any Conditions

Inspired by the tough skin of an alligator, the gator series is designed for use in any weather conditions. The alligator skin textured handle gives reliable and comfortable grip in wet and dry conditions.  Each knife has a lock-back mechanism and rugged stainless steel blades.


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No matter where you are or what you’re hunting, Gerber have the perfect knife for you. The Gator range has a reliable handle which can be easily gripped in any condition. Moment knives include a gut hook option which has an ergonomic handle and practical blade for cleaning game.


High quality choices for your workday with everything from multi-purpose tools to pocket blades to make sure you can always get the job done. Including the pocket Prybrid multi blade and Impromptu Pen, the ultimate piece of stationery that you’d be lost without.


Keep a Gerber in your pocket with one of the compact keychain designs. Multi tools and handy keyring accessories are given the Gerber treatment making them reliable and tough. The funky Dime has a uniquely shaped blade for opening plastic packaging and spring loaded scissors so you’re never left looking for another tool. Choose the Mullet for an airline safe choice.

Modern Folders

The modern folders range lets you show a bit of your style while getting the job done. Styled like traditional pocket knives with a wink to barber’s and gentleman’s knives they are designs that will never go out of style.


The minimal Paraframe is a best selling choice. The lightweight handle design is comfortable to hold and houses the folding blade. A variety of sizes are available in the series with or without serrated blades. A great everyday carry which won’t take up much space.



Always at your side, the Suspension is an all-rounder. Recently updated to the Suspension NXT with 15 tools it is easily carried with a pocket clip and is incredibly good value for money.