Explosion Protection – ATEX Explained

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Led Lenser have been building their professional range of worklights, floodlights and lanterns to keep your work lit up wherever you are. The multi-purpose lights are flexible, durable and reliable.


Best for the workshop the iF series has flexible bases, an in-built magnet to attach to a variety of surfaces and handle. You can angle the light in any direction, vary the focus and make it work for you. The ultimate in hands-free lighting the iF floodlights have some extra surprising features.

With a built in power bank the iF4R and iF8R will help keep you going all day. If you’re working in a difficult environment you can charge your phone and still have an impressive lumen output. The iF8R can even be controlled through the Ledlenser app on your phone if it isn’t in easy reach.

Inspection Lamps

Pocket sized inspection lamps are the best coworker for tight spaces. Fitting in small gaps and giving a powerful light beam you never have to work with the unknown again. The beam can be adjusted to best fit your needs and it is handy to keep with you at all times. With pocket clips, magnets, hooks and adjustable bracket

Each has a squared shape so unlike traditional torches, there’s no worry that they will roll off your workbench and will provide a more stable light.

The iW2R-laser includes a laser pointer and a ruler so you don’t have to carry as many tools on the job. The brightest inspection lamp is the iW7R with a blinding 600 lumens to light up anywhere.


The ultimate camping accessory, the ML Ledlenser lanterns are compact, powerful, and easy to recharge. These adaptable lights include different settings to suit your surroundings and include red light to preserve night vision. A transport lock makes them ideal for any adventure and multiple mount options from a magnet to hooks make them suit any camp setup and work environment.

The smaller ML4 can be powered with either rechargeable or standard AA batteries so if you have no access to electricity you can still rely on this handy lantern. With 5 light functions and a carabiner clip you’d be lost without it.

The ML6 packs a punch with 8 light functions and up to 750 lumens. It even works as a battery pack to recharge your other devices on the go! Everything you need for a camping trip in the wilderness and more.